History and Milestone












Out of revenue target
Focus on quality management.
Increase the size of staff to more than 150 personnel
As a general contractor for large-scale electrical projects over $ 2 million for foreign customers.

Become a service partner of MISUBISHI
♦ To become a mechanical – electrical contractor, carry out construction and installation of large – power projects with foreign investors such as KPF, SDGlobal, Santa Clara, Koyo, JY, The Visai.
♦ Carrying out mechanical and electrical projects valued at more than $1 million.

Be a reliable partner and become a regular partner of great guests such as Viettel, Eurowindow, Kurihara Thang Long ..
Increase staff size to over 100 personnel.
Become an official GATES agent

Got BSI certificate, ISO
Become an official CTP agent
Established Quang Ninh office
Become official CUMMINS agent
Installation of mechanical – electrical system for units such as Nissin Brake, Lavie, ..

Established Viteq Technology JSC.,