Over 15 years of establishment and development, up to now, Viteq has completely affirmed its commitment through the trust of 100% of customers and partners.
With the motto of taking quality as the foundation for development, Viteq has become a partner of large customers from many different countries such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, etc.
Up to now, we have been completely autonomous from the stage of factory ideas to design, construction and operation and maintenance services.

  • Viteq has full asserted our commitment by gaining the 100% trút with customers and partners.

  • Direct construction to reduce indirect costs, bring competitive prices to clients and ensure the quality of the projects in accordance with the British- American technical standards

  • To assure our customer for after-sale services, our maintainance team with years of experiences always ready to meet necessary changes requirements

With the above advantages, Viteq is ready to be an absolute reliable partner.

  • If you are a general construction contractor, you will find in us a perfect piece. You will get effective, comprehensive support and a reliable companion without having to recruit an electromechanical team, helping your business save costs and increase business efficiency.
    If you are an investor, we always have an experienced management team to advise solutions from design, equipment selection, construction organization. You get a project that is optimized in terms of performance, saves operating costs and lasts for the same time.

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