Safety is the backbone of all construction activities, Safety Officers are fully trained in all safety standards as well as experienced staff in the field of electromechanical safety. All Engineers and technicians involved in the construction of the project are trained in construction safety specific to each project, ensuring that no personnel misbehave with the safety factors in their work. .
With the motto “Health”, no matter how difficult the project is, all employees understand this factor, work scientifically to ensure the quality of life as well as the quality of work. Every year, employees are examined by periodical health. In living at the construction site, the health factor is also the most guaranteed for each engineer and worker at the construction site.
A clean green environment is the foundation for a sustainable life, all employees understand this and implement environmentally friendly actions and lifestyles. impact on the environment at the construction site as well as the surrounding area, the use of equipment materials also minimizes the negative impact on the living and working environment.


We commit that all activities and practices of our employees are monitored for compliance to ensure that there is no negative impact on the environment, everyone’s health is always guaranteed the best and the Safety is paramount. We are ready to use resources to ensure the health – environment – safety factors are developed more and more advanced.

No accidents – Ensuring human health maintenance – No negative impact on the environment


HSE policies

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