During 15 years of construction and growth, Viteq understands the value of effective quality human resources.
Building from grassroots personnel, Viteq is proud to have more than 80% of the company’s employees who have worked for 6 years or more.
In the development orientation, Viteq focuses on building talent attraction policies, scientific working mode, agile and effective working style, and attractive remuneration and reward policies.
Talent attraction policy: Viteq has a competitive salary and bonus policy for good employees who have a lot of experience in related fields, on the one hand to retain long-term employees and attract good human resources from many different sources about working for the Company.
Working mode: Viteq organizes to work 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, 1 hour lunch break (holiday, Tet, sickness, sickness, maternity… according to state regulations). When required on production and business progress, Viteq can ask employees to work overtime and provide satisfactory remuneration for employees in addition to ensuring the rights of employees in accordance with regulations of the Company. government.
Training policy: Viteq encourages employees to train and re-train themselves, besides, Viteq is willing to create conditions for individuals to participate in training courses to improve their knowledge to meet the needs of each project. Work
Salary, bonus and welfare policy: Viteq develops a salary and bonus policy suitable for each job position, skills and professional qualifications of employees in order to properly recognize the capacity and work results of each individual. employees, and at the same time create motivation to encourage employees to promote their capacity and responsibility to improve productivity, quality and work efficiency.
Types of rewards:
– Reward achievements at the end of a project/campaign: Reward individuals/teams who actively participate and complete assigned tasks, contributing to the overall success of each project/campaign. ;
– Rewarding initiatives: Rewarding individuals with initiatives that bring benefits to the Company, with new improvement proposals that contribute to improving the efficiency of business operations, of the department, and improving the image and prestige of the company. credit of the Company;
– Periodic achievement rewards: Rewarding individual achievements; Commendation on the occasion of the Company’s founding day…
Insurance and benefits:
The deduction and payment of Social Insurance, Health Insurance, and Unemployment Insurance are strictly implemented by Viteq, in accordance with the law.