With more than 15 years of experience in the field of M&E, Viteq has become a reliable partner of manufacturers, especially famous generator assembling manufacturers in the world such as CUMMINS, MISHUBISHI, DOOSAN , PERKINS, MTU etc,..Currently, Viteq is an authorized service provider partner of Mitsubishi Electric in the North,

Viteq has experience in installation and maintenance of generator systems with a capacity range of up to 3000KVA.

Along with good after-sales quality, Viteq always supports free consultation on installation and technique. Choose capacity according to load, optimal depreciation cost, durability and preeminent features of the models.

Carry out repair, overhaul, periodic maintenance and maintenance services according to manufacturer’s standards with GENERATOR


With power range up to 3000KVA.
Currently on the market with generators using CUMMINS engines, there are 3 types:
1. Cummins internatinal: This is a line of machines with engines manufactured in the US, UK, Japan and India è Cummins genuine worldwide warranty.
2. Cummins CCEC: Abbreviation for Chongqin Cummins Engine – Engine is manufactured according to Cummins technology standards made in China
3. Cummins CDEC: Abbreviation for Dongfeng Cummins Engine – The engine is manufactured according to the technological standards of Cummins originating in China
Cummins generating set is composed of:
+ US Brand CUMMINS engine
+ British Brand Stamford alternator, French Brand Leroy Somer, Italian Brand Mecc Alte generator…
+ Deepsea controller, European Brand Comap
+ Machine base frame, Soundproof cover, …


Viteq provides installation, maintenance and repair of MITSUBISHI generators, now we are an authorized dealer of Mishubishi in the Northern market.
Generators using MITSUBISHI engines we supply are exported to Europe, America and Asia…with a capacity range of up to 2500KVA.
+ MITSUBISHI engine made in JAPAN
+ STAMFORD generator head manufactured by British technology (origin UK, China depending on customer choice)


Currently, there are 2 types of Doosan machines in Vietnam market:
Doosan generators imported CBU: Imported synchronously, including synchronous noise-cancelling or noise-canceling housing built in Vietnam.
+ Advantages: Fully assembled in the world’s leading factory (the unit has CE certificate – meeting quality standards for export to the European market), Skill level, modern equipment and machinery and dedicated. Good quality, Stable operation, long life, almost little damage during use. There are full CO, CQ…
+ Disadvantages: Importing machine takes at least 3 weeks, High price compared to Vietnamese assembled machines (because of import tax + Shipping + Customs clearance…)
Doosan generator assembled in Vietnam: Doosan engine imported from Korea + Generator (Stamford, Lyroy Somer, Mecc Alte, Crompton, Dewoo depending on customer requirements) + Deepsea controller manufactured and imported from UK, the unit is assembled and tested in Vietnam
+ Advantages: Depending on customer requirements, it can be installed with any type of player. Faster delivery time, cheaper price
+ Disadvantages: Professional qualifications, Specialized machinery and equipment, Selection of low-quality materials and equipment at young prices to lower costs or increase profits