Customer data and data are the backbone of today’s 4.0 era. Data storage requires strict requirements and absolute safety, that’s why the data center was born.
Data center is a central infrastructure system that integrates specialized hardware and software programs, is a place to place, operate, and manage servers, as a function of information storage, processing, and data uploading quickly with high speed and stability.
Data centers of organizations and companies need to be protected in absolute safety during the operation, storage and transmission of data. Therefore, using UPS for Data center is the optimal solution to help ensure continuous and uninterrupted power supply 24/7, avoiding sudden power outages, voltage surges, electric shocks affecting the entire storage system and convey information

UPS Solution for Data Center

** Centralized installation solution:

The data center system is connected to a UPS unit, when the UPS is in operation, it will provide power for the entire server system.
The solution has the advantages of easy management, saving space, easy maintenance, updating or expanding the system; The maintenance, warranty or repair process does not affect the operation of the data center system.

However, it needs to be equipped once, so the initial cost is large, equivalent to the total investment cost for the backup power system of the whole data center, not flexible in the purpose of expanding a small part of the work


*** Single installation solutions:

When the system is operating, each UPS will provide power to 1 server.
The solution helps to distribute power in each cluster to take advantage of the ability to maintain the operation of the whole system when there is a problem in individual clusters, reducing investment costs for multi-level backup for the whole system. High power; instead, invest according to the importance of the load equipment group,  flexible in the ability to expand a small part of the capacity. The application is very flexible since there are no strict requirements for synchronous operation. The maintenance, warranty or repair process does not affect the operation of the data center system.